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Welcome to The Rage Room Central Florida LLC

Over the past several years I’ve been teaching Anger Management classes so I’ve decided to integrate that with creating a safe fun entertainment environment whereas if you are feeling stress, angry, experiencing lots of tension, just got dumped? Lost your job?  Someone put the toilet paper roll on the wrong way? Looking for ways to relieve some of those issues in a fun, secure environment plus not have to pick the mess up afterwards? Well you have come to the right place!

What is a Rage Room? It’s like having recreational therapy where anyone especially everyday people, like you, can have the freedom to smash, break and crush items to relieve stress. Smash it out RAGE ROOM! We provide a safe and fun environment to let people indulge in their destructive desires. You smash it, we clean it up, what can be better? We offer many levels of smashing fun from a trouble maker smasher to a team-building fun for a group of 4-6 people.

At The Rage Room Central Florida LLC, you will find an assortment of weapons and things to break (depending on which package you purchase). If additional items are available at any time you can purchase more things to break during your rage session. We provide wireless speakers and phone mounts so you can jam out to your favorite tunes and take awesome photos or videos.


Our Mission

We understand that sometimes people have a lot of anger, stress or anxiety built up! We want to help you release that in a safe place.



The RAGE ROOM CENTRAL FLORIDA LLC does not claim to be a mental health or medical facility; we do not treat, give a diagnosis or provide medical therapy of any kind. We are classified as an indoor amusement park and entertainment only, if you feel that you have any mental or medical issues that need to be treated please contact a licensed physician or obtain a referral. Thank You.

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